Hypnosis 101 is a comprehensive program structured for those that are interested in learning hypnosis for fun and general interest, or for those looking to make a career out of hypnosis through stage performing or hypnotherapy.  This class is a pre-requisite to take all of our additional classes.  This course is also ideal for those looking to explore their own personal growth!  All students will receive the most comprehensive training in the use of hypnosis as well as all students will be hypnotized to a deep trance level and will hypnotize other students.  Supervised practice including coaching in speech patterns, physical movements and personal mannerisms.  Upon successful completion of Hypnosis 101, students will be awarded a certificate of attendance.  This class is super affordable so that we can expose as many people to the wonderful science of the hypnotic state! 

Prerequisite: None

Hypnosis 101- Fundamentals of Hypnosis

what you can expect in part 101…

History of Hypnosis
Model of the Mind
Hypnosis Defined
Hypnotic Inductions
Deepening Hypnosis by Relaxation
Deepening Hypnosis by Visualization
Post-hypnotic Suggestions
Deepening Fundamentals of Self Hypnosis 
The Journey To Your True and Higher Self
Power of Self Hypnosis

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Beginner / Professional

Hypnosis Classes

“You’ve already made the first step to better your life by signing up to receive more information. Not only is hypnosis a remarkable hobby and life pathway, it’s a rewarding career choice that will quickly pay for itself. You cannot be exposed to this material and not find it life changing .”

course program

common questions

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For this training to be effective, your feedback is required.
Your comments, observations and questions are used to evaluate our course and
your comprehension of the material. Your skill level will be evaluated during  the practice sessions. You will be required to participate in class, practice hypnotizing others, and be hypnotized yourself. Listening to your feedback and watching your induction technique allows your instructor to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses. The instructor will then be able to show you how to make the process fit your style!

day one


electronics and cell phones

Arrive between 8:30am – 8:45am to check in. You will receive your course materials  during this time. After a brief orientation and introduction the class will begin at 9:00AM.

Casual attire is appropriate. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes. These will aid in your training because we will be moving around the class.

Recording the class in any manner is strictly prohibited.
Our time together is limited. We require that cell phones remain off during training sessions, and all messages be checked during breaks and personal time.

breaks and lunch

You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. Water service will be provided.
Lunch will be at 1:00pm and will last one hour. 


We will bring out your best! Your classes will be high-energy, information packed learning experiences, and teach you everything you need to further your hypnosis career. We are dedicated to the growth and success of every student. We will listen carefully to your concerns and questions and take the time ensure you understand the information and how to use it.Most of all you can expect to have fun! 

We expect you to come give your very best effort! This will guarantee a high level of instruction for you and all of your peers. Rest and proper nutrition go a long way toward enhancing the learning process. Please bring a clear mind and refreshed body into class each day.

what to expect from us

what we expect from you

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Hypnosis 101- Fundamentals of Hypnosis

professional &  BEGINNER


Hypnosis Classes

Hypnosis 101- Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Dates: Interested? Add your email!

Length: 3 days

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Pre-Requisite: None

Price: $395.00 USD

Hypnosis 101- Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Dates: Interested? Add your email!

Length: 3 days

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Pre-Requisite: None

Price: $395.00 USD

Hypnosis 101- Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Dates: Interested? Add your email!

Length: 3 days

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Pre-Requisite: None

Price: $395.00 USD

Hypnosis Classes

Dates: February 18-21, 2017

Length: 3 days

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Pre-Requisite: None 

Myths of Hypnosis
Rules of the Mind
The Fundamentals of Suggestibility Testing
Management of Trance
Deepening Hypnosis by Realization
Awakening From Hypnosis
The Fundamentals Producing Somnambulism 
The Ways We Make Ourselves Miserable
Learn How to Get the Most out of YOURSELF
Daily Tools for Personal Empowerment

This class is designed for beginners, intermediates and professionals. If you have a general interest in hypnosis and you are looking to have a ton of fun, this class is for you. If you want a career in stage hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, this is an introductory class that leads to those more in depth classes. 

Located at Planet Hollywood Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dates: Interested? Add you email!

Plus much, much, more…








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