Professional Stage Hypnosis Training

Congratulations on making the decision to forward your hypnosis career. Not only is hypnosis a remarkable hobby and life pathway, it’s a rewarding career choice that will quickly pay for itself. You cannot be exposed to this material and not find it life changing.

Located in the Strand Palace Hotel

372 Strand London, England WC2R 0JJ


Dates: November 2 - 5, 2016

marc savard

training program

You will learn the basics of hypnosis while learning innovative stage techniques to better your performance...

If you have zero experience with hypnosis and the power of your own mind, this class will give you more knowledge than most hypnotists performing today.

If you have tons of experience and are a professional hypnotist, this class will offer many advanced techniques, and nuggets that you can take away and implement into your professional career.

After graduating from this class, you will be able to perform your own hypnosis show with confidence that you learned and trained with the best.

You will learn the basics of hypnosis along with many advanced techniques to put you above the competition. 

Many professional hypnotists come back again and again to Part I to learn new tricks and to increase their knowledge, meanwhile adding all this experience to their own shows.

While this course is designed for beginners, it is so in-depth and hard-core that many seasoned veteran to take this class. 

learn the roots of hypnosis...

Dates: November 2-5, 2016

Length: 4 days

Location: Strand Palace Hotel London, England

Pre-Requisite: None

what you can expect in this class…

When you attend class, on Day 1 you will receive an official Marc Savard Stage Training manual to learn about the following:

What Is It About Hypnosis?
Hypnotic Realities
Definitions Of Hypnosis
Suggestibility Testing
Rules That Re-Write the Subconscious Mind
Styles Of Inductions
Awakening Procedure
Depth Of Trance
Landmarks Of Depth
Volunteer Testing And Deepening
Monologue And Pre-Induction Talk
Overload Techniques
Anatomy Of A Show
Inviting Volunteers Up On Stage
Common Mistakes Hypnotists Make When Calling Up -Volunteers
Rules For Dismissing Volunteers
Volunteer Safety
Steps To Writing Routines

Building Momentum In Routines
Building A Show Set List

Things You Should Not Do After Your Show Is Over


Many of you have been sending in some questions about the training.  Here are some answers.  Have more questions?  Send them in, and we will try to answer them!

Professional Stage

Hypnosis Training

course details

Professional Stage

Hypnosis Training

stage hypnosis

“You’ve already made the first step to better your life by signing up to receive more information. Not only is hypnosis a remarkable hobby and life pathway, it’s a rewarding career choice that will quickly pay for itself. You cannot be exposed to this material and not find it life changing.”

Stage Hypnosis Training

Dates: November 2-5, 2016

Length: 4 days

Location: Strand Palace Hotel London, England

Pre-Requisite: No experience necessary

Price: $2499.00 USD


course topics

Dispelling Hypnotic Myths
Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis
Use Of The Voice
Principles Of Hypnotic Inductions
Physical Signs Of Trance
Key Points To Induction
Post Suggestion To Re-Hypnosis
The 5 Levels Of Hypnosis
The 8 Deepening Techniques
Overcoming “Resistance”
Pre-Induction Overload
Overload Techniques
Show Introduction
Things To Do If You Are Not Getting Enough Volunteers
How To Line Up Your Volunteers
Selecting Volunteers
Types Of Routines
Kinds Of Suggestions
Important Key Points To Group Routines

Routines To Stay Away From

Common Ways To End Your Show
Hypnotist’s Persona
Things You Should Never Do On Stage


Stage Hypnosis Training

Dates: November 2-5, 2016

Length: 4 days

Location: Strand Palace Hotel London, England

Pre-Requisite: No experience necessary

Price: $2499.00 USD

common questions

Stage Hypnosis Training

Dates: November 2-5, 2016

Length: 4 days

Location: Strand Palace Hotel London, England

Pre-Requisite: No experience necessary

Price: $2499.00 USD

When and where will the training be held?

The dates are November 2, 3, 4, and 5, 2016. Will be held at the Strand Palace Hotel 372 Strand

London, England WC2R 0JJ ph. +442073794737

How much does the course cost?

Tuition for Stage Hypnosis Training in London on November 2, 3, 4, and 5, 2016 is $2,499.00 USD.

Do you have to pay in full?

No, you can make a deposit of $500.00 and the balance must be paid before the class the deposit is non refundable after September 30, 2016.  There will be an Administration fee of $150.00 added onto the discounted price only to those who choose the payment plan. If you pay in full at time of registration, there is no administration fee. 

What are the payment options?

1.    Pay in full
2.    Make three equal payments of your entire tuition fee plus $150 administration/payment plan fee spread over your 3 payments of tuition.  ($50 each time processing of your payment)


For returning students is there a discount?

Yes. If you have taken Marc Savard Stage Hypnosis Training Part 1 before, you can return and take the class again at $499.00 USD.  email us at [email protected] for details

What will I need to bring?

You will need to find your own accommodations and meals. WE WILL NOTIFY YOU WHEN THE HOTEL HAS BEEN SELECTED so that you can make Arrangements.

All workbook materials will be provided.  Just bring an open mind and maybe a seat-belt.  It will be an awesome ride!  

Do I need to pay the entire amount to get the early bird discount?

No!  You just REGISTER from June 15, 2016 to June 30, 2016.  If you register during that time you have to either pay in full, or sign up for the 3 payments of $500 plus an additional $150 administration fee.

It will look something like this.

Register anytime OTHER than between June 15, 2016 and June 30, 2016.
1.    $2499 for the tuition.
2.    $2499 for the tuition broken into 3 equal payments PLUS $150 finance/admin fee.
1- $833 + $50 = $883 (Due when you register)
2- $833 + $50 = $883 (Due 30 days later)
3- $833 + $50 = $883 (Due 30 days after 2nd payment)

Register Early Bird Discount June 15-30, 2016 get 40% OFF
1.    $1499 for the tuition
2.    $1499 for the tuition broken into 3 equal payments PLUS $150 finance/admin fee.
1- $499 + $50 = $549 (Due July 15-30, 2016 when you register)
2- $500 + $50 = $550 (Due August 15-30, 2016)
3- $500 + $50 = $550 (Due September 15-30, 2016)


I live in a different time zone, will I be able to register another time to get the discount?

The Early Bird Discount ends on June 30, 2016 at 11:59 PM (PST) 

How can I pay/mode payment?

Register online on our website and use our shopping cart there.  You can use any major credit card there and we also accept PayPal.  If you are mailing a check, or money order, just register online, and choose Send A Check for the payment on the online choices.  As long as you register between June 15-30, 2016 you will get the discount.   You have 7 days to get the payment to us. 

My wife and I would like to do the training. Just a bit confused though – would we both be eligible for the 40% discount or because my spouse lives in the same house would we get 40% PLUS an additional 20% discount?

No.  Our Spousal discount is 20% any day of the year.  We have a 40% off that cannot be combined with any other offer.

How do we register ? 

What do you get after the training in done?

You will receive a certificate of completion when the training is complete.  Most countries/states/provinces allow anyone to perform stage hypnosis as there is no regulation for it in most areas.  Since this is not regulated, anyone can perform hypnosis with no training whatsoever.  This is the reason why I developed my training class.  I believe that 90% of hypnotists are poorly trained and need to understand more than following a recipe for hypnosis.  There is a science to the mind and an understanding of human behavior that is missing from most training, which is why I teach on a more “conceptual” approach.

If Marc cannot train for whatever reason, will there be a refund?

Of course.  You are attending “Marc Savard’s Stage Hypnosis Training”.  Not, “Marc Savard’s Fill-In Guy’s Stage Hypnosis Training”. 

If "force majeure" occurs and I cannot attend the program can I get refund?   Please look up force majeure if unfamiliar.

Our standard refund policy reviews all cases one by one, and if agreed that Force Majeure is evident, a full refund minus a $150 admin fee is issued.   Truth is, if I don’t provide the knowledge to you, I don’t feel good about taking your tuition money.  

What time does each class start and end, each day.   Do you have a program schedule?

We usually start class at 9am sharp.  We try to end around 5pm, sometimes we might go over by a few minutes if your heads can handle the information coming at you!  ;)

What will Marc be training, hypnosis in general, stage hypnosis, or other dynamics?

All of the above and much more. 

I know that Marc will be teaching, but will it be for the entire program, from start to finish?


What is the goal of the training program, will I be able to hypnotize people and perform stage hypnosis shows?

Yes.  That is absolutely the goal.

$3000.00 is a lot of money. With my international flights and hotel costs included, it shall surpass $5,000.00 in my case. You also come HIGHLY recommended, and yes, I am very excited to apply myself to your course; for that expense, I just want assurance, that I can RETAIN all and every single thing that is to be learned in this course. Would you kindly allow a student like myself to have me bring my own audio recorder for this purpose, as I would do in any other college class?

The investment of $3-$5,000 can easily be made back.  If you book shows at a measly $500, you need 10 shows to recoup your investment.  Name a career other than exotic dancing in Las Vegas where you can make your initial investment back faster than this?  I can’t think of one at the moment.  My original hypnotherapy investment from 20 years ago has been paid back to me thousands and thousands of times.   To answer your recording question, we do not allow recording at this time.  However, the way the manual is set up, you shouldn’t miss anything at all.  

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the details

For this training to be effective, your feedback is required.
Your comments, observations and questions are used to evaluate our course and
your comprehension of the material. Your skill level will be evaluated during  the practice sessions. You will be required to participate in class, practice hypnotizing others, and be hypnotized yourself. Listening to your feedback and watching your induction technique allows your instructor to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses. The instructor will then be able to show you how to make the process fit your style!

day one


electronics and cell phones

Arrive between 8:30am – 8:45am to check in. You will receive your course materials  during this time. After a brief orientation and introduction the class will begin at 9:00AM.

Casual attire is appropriate. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes. These will aid in your training because we will be moving around the class.

Recording the class in any manner is strictly prohibited.
Our time together is limited. We require that cell phones remain off during training sessions, and all messages be checked during breaks and personal time.

breaks and lunch

Included at the training is Coffee, Tea, Snacks, as well as Lunch.
Lunch will be at 1:00pm and will last one hour.


We will bring out your best! Your classes will be high-energy, information packed learning experiences, and teach you everything you need to further your hypnosis career. We are dedicated to the growth and success of every student. We will listen carefully to your concerns and questions and take the time ensure you understand the information and how to use it.Most of all you can expect to have fun! 

We expect you to come give your very best effort! This will guarantee a high level of instruction for you and all of your peers. Rest and proper nutrition go a long way toward enhancing the learning process. Please bring a clear mind and refreshed body into class each day.

what to expect from us

what we expect from you

Will there be any ADDITIONAL discounts offered for couples or group registrations?  (ie. My spouse and I both want to take the training…)

Yes.  If both people who are registering live in the same household, we are offering 20% off the second person registration.  This cannot be combined with any other offer.
The Early Bird Discount for registering is on June 15, 2016 and will provide the biggest savings of 40% off tuition.  This discount is much greater than the spousal discount we are offering.  

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For quicker response send us a text message instead.

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