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Hypnosis 101 - Online Classes

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Hypnosis 101: Learn How To Hypnotize Anyone Online Classes

This class is designed for anyone who has general interest in stage hypnosis, wants to start a career in hypnosis, or is already doing hypnosis and looking to add to their craft. Newbies to seasoned Veterans welcome. Total course viewing time 21 hours, 2 minutes and 32 seconds

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“You’ve already made the first step to better your life by signing up to receive more information. Not only is hypnosis a remarkable hobby and life pathway, it’s a rewarding career choice that will quickly pay for itself. You cannot be exposed to this material and not find it life changing.”


Part 1: Learn the roots of hypnosis... You will learn the basics of hypnosis while learning innovative stage techniques to better your performance...

If you have zero experience with hypnosis and the power of your own mind, this class will give you more knowledge than most hypnotists performing today. After graduating from Hypnosis 101, you will be able to hypnotize anyone with confidence that you learned and trained with the best. You will learn the basics of hypnosis along with many advanced techniques to put you above the competition. Many professional hypnotists come back again and again to Hypnosis 101 to learn new techniques and to increase their knowledge, meanwhile adding all this experience to their own toolbox. While this course is designed for beginners, it is so in-depth and hard-core that we require even the most seasoned veteran to take this class before moving on to the Stage Hypnosis Training course.

What you can expect in Hypnosis 101 live training... When you attend class, on Day 1 you will receive an official Marc Savard Hypnosis 101 training manual to learn about the following:

• History of Hypnosis

• Model of the Mind

• Hypnosis Defined

• Hypnotic Inductions

• Deepening Hypnosis by Relaxation

• Deepening Hypnosis by Visualization

• Post-hypnotic Suggestions Deepening Fundamentals of Self Hypnosis

• The Journey To Your True and Higher Self

• Power of Self Hypnosis

• Myths of Hypnosis

• Rules of the Mind

• The Fundamentals of Suggestibility Testing

• Management of Trance

• Deepening Hypnosis by Realization

• Awakening From Hypnosis The Fundamentals Producing Somnambulism

• The Ways We Make Ourselves Miserable

• Learn How to Get the Most out of YOURSELF

• Daily Tools for Personal Empowerment

Hypnosis 101: Online Training

Hypnosis 101 - Online Classes

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