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Curious volunteers have the experience of their lives as they find themselves surrendering to the sound of Marc's voice; doing, seeing and saying the most out-of-control things in the #1 comedy hypnosis show in Las Vegas.


The Show: Nightly at 10:00pm (Dark Fridays)
V-Theater , in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
Age: 18+
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can weave a proper balance of science of the mind, comedy improvisation, creative routines, and respect for the volunteers all the while keeping the client company image in mind.  When hiring comedians you would want the funniest, and when hiring magicians you would want the most skilled, but since hypnosis involves participants minds, personalities, their well being, tact of the hypnotist it is never more important to hire someone with an experienced track record.  Marc Savard has 20+ years of full time (not part time) hypnosis as his career including 300+ shows a year for 10 years performing on the Las Vegas strip at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

for your private corporate event is becoming much more commonplace because hypnosis provides a much more integrated from of entertainment.  Watching a comedian, a magician, or a band is exactly that, watching.  Having a hypnotist perform at your event unites the audience and emerges them into an experience since they are indeed the show!  The participants are the entertainment, the laughs, the amazement, and of course the memories!  A successful event relies on not what your audience SEES, but what they remember about how they FELT during the performance.  Nothing keeps the memory of the show alive more than the audience discussing the show with the participants for days and weeks to come!

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Who should use this?  EVERYONE.  We all have areas we can improve on, that’s part of being human.  This program allows us to trust in our own abilities, have a sense of control, and believe that, within reason, that you will be able to do what you wish, plan, and expect!

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