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Stage Hypnosis - Online Classes

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Stage Hypnosis Training

This class is designed for anyone who has general interest in stage hypnosis, wants to start a career as a professional stage hypnotist, or is already a stage hypnotist and wants to elevate their craft. Newbies to seasoned veterans welcome! No matter if you are brand new to hypnosis or have been performing for years, this class will give you all the skills you need to take your show to the next level. Total course viewing time 44 hours, 53 minutes and 5 seconds

*Register for Stage Hypnosis Training and get Hypnosis 101 for FREE! (Total course viewing time 21 hours, 2 minutes and 32 seconds)

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What you can expect in Stage Hypnosis Training... When you attend class, on Day 1 you will receive an official Marc Savard Stage Hypnosis Training manual to learn about the following:

• What Is It About Hypnosis?

• Hypnotic Realities

• Definitions Of Hypnosis

• Suggestibility Testing

• Rules That Re-Write the Subconscious Mind

• Styles Of Inductions• Awakening Procedure

• Depth Of Trance

• Landmarks Of Depth

• Volunteer Testing And Deepening

• Monologue And Pre-Induction Talk

• Overload Techniques

• Anatomy Of A Show

• Inviting Volunteers Up On Stage

• Common Mistakes Hypnotists Make When Calling Up -Volunteers

• Rules For Dismissing Volunteers

• Volunteer Safety

• Steps To Writing Routines

• Building Momentum In Routines

• Building A Show Set List

• Finale

• Things You Should Not Do After Your Show Is Over

• Anatomy of a Show

• Additional Suggestibility Testing Scripts

• Hypnotic Challenge

• Arm Rigidity

• Show Introduction – Live/Recorded

• Maximizing Volunteer Activity

• Routines: Ensure 100% Accurate Response

• Back of the Room Sales

• Setting Up the Stage – Everything you need to know for every environment!

• Difficulty Emerging Someone?

• Everything You Need for a Great Promotional Package

• Booking Procedures

• How to “Sell Your Show” Tips

• Dispelling Hypnotic Myths

• Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

• Use Of The Voice

• Principles Of Hypnotic Inductions

• Physical Signs Of Trance

• Key Points To Induction

• Post Suggestion To Re-Hypnosis

• The 5 Levels Of Hypnosis• The 8 Deepening Techniques

• Overcoming “Resistance”

• Pre-Induction Overload

• Overload Techniques

• Show Introduction

• Things To Do If You Are Not Getting Enough Volunteers

• How To Line Up Your Volunteers

• Selecting Volunteers

• Types Of Routines

• Kinds Of Suggestions

• Important Key Points To Group Routines

• Routines To Stay Away From

• Common Ways To End Your Show

• Hypnotist’s Persona

• Things You Should Never Do To Your Persona On -Stage

• Rules of the Mind

• Additional Overload Induction

• Volunteer Testing and Deepening

• Fatiguing Induction for Difficult Participants

• Things to Make Your Introduction Go Smoother

• Molasses Volunteer, What To Do?

• Routines: Maximize the Laughs

• Show Production

• Hypnotic Hangover

• Handling Inquiries

• Marketing

• How to Jumpstart Your Career

• Questions to Ask Potential Clients

• Sample Contract Documents

Marc Savard Online Stage Hypnosis Training

Hi!  I’m Marc Savard, headliner here at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino here in Las Vegas where I perform my Comedy Hypnosis show 6 nights a week.  I have some incredible news for you!

But first I want to welcome back past students from all over the world and welcome the new people who are interested in learning all about hypnosis.

Imagine this scenario – what if you were instantly recognized as a Professional Stage Hypnotist? What if you were suddenly in great demand…regardless of your price! What if you became a Celebrity Headliner in Las Vegas? Sound Unattainable? I used to think so, too. Until it happened to me. In fact, in the past few years, I’ve made a very comfortable living between my Live Shows and my self-help products as well as with my private Coaching and Teaching.  I’m not saying this to impress you… but to impress upon you that I’ve also used the exact same lessons I’m about to teach you so that you can become the world’s most sought-after and highest-paid Hypnotist.

I'm going to be brutally honest here. I was not planning to teach again and I took a 3 year break from it.  But I love the art of hypnosis and it has made me a very happy and successful person. My dreams have come true and I can attribute most of it to being a stage hypnotist.

I am concerned about where we will find the next generation of great hypnotists. I keep hearing so many stories of people going through really inferior stage hypnosis training and feeling like they had been “had”. The sad truth is, so many people out there teaching currently are doing so out of desperation. Prior to the pandemic, they didn’t have enough business and enough bookings for their own shows, so they need to supplement their incomes by teaching. It's as if they're saying, "I'm mediocre; let me teach others how to be mediocre." I think it would be a mistake to take a class from someone like this.


I am constantly receiving emails from people asking me to return to teaching, and then telling me horror stories of the trainings they have received from others. I hate to say it, but most current trainers are unethical, unscrupulous, and untalented.

They have ridiculous claims of experience and their marketing materials for most of their trainings are incomplete.

If you attend one of our nation's finest universities such as Harvard or Stanford, you'll find that the faculties are comprised largely of highly successful people in their own fields, who have embarked on teaching as a way to spread important knowledge to the next generation.

If you are really dedicated to learning the art of stage hypnosis, do you want to have the opportunity to attend the Harvard Law School of Stage Hypnosis, or will you settle for community college? The choice is up to you, but I think you'll find your future results are dependent on the education you receive.

Bottom line is…

If you are interested in being one of the next great Stage Hypnotists, then I am interested in meeting you in my class.  

•     This training is different and better than any other stage hypnosis training courses!•     If you have zero experience with hypnosis and the power of your own mind, this class will give you more knowledge than most hypnotists performing today.

•     You will learn the basics of hypnosis while learning innovative stage techniques to better your performance...

•     You will have your own materials and workbooks that you can take home with you. These workbooks will cover a plethora of information that you will find useful while building your own show and you can use later to brush up and review!

•     There will be an abundance of dynamic lecturing and plenty of hands on and group training. You will work with and hypnotize other students in the safety of a private class setting and with me always close by.

•     You will be able to see my show live in action!  You will learn concepts in class during the day, and then see them played out in front of a large audience that same night. Then the next day we will analyze in class what you witnessed at the show. You will ask questions about why something happened, why something worked, and why something did not, etc.

•     You will be able to hypnotize people after this training!•     You will not only have all the tools to achieve trance in volunteers, but you will have the confidence to do so after experiencing group exercises done in class. You will be able to effectively hypnotize large groups of people and make them do entertaining and humorous things with the power of your voice and what you learn here.

•     You will learn the basics of hypnosis along with many advanced techniques to put you above the competition.

•     After graduating from Part I, you will be able to perform your own hypnosis show with confidence that you learned and trained with the best.

•     While this course is designed for beginners, it is so in-depth and hard-core that we require even the most seasoned veteran to take this class to improve their skills.  It’s almost like a collaboration to bring everyone in the industry up a few notches and raise the bar overall in the world of hypnosis.

At my Stage Hypnosis Training, you are learning from an expert hypnotist that is still at the peak of a performing career. You are learning from someone who not only has 25+ years of experience, but also is currently a headliner that performs 6 nights a week on the Las Vegas strip!

Be sure to put your email in our list for updates on new training dates.  I am very respectful to your information and know I will not offer or sell your information to anybody; I personally dislike Spam!  You can unsubscribe at any time.  No hard feelings, I will be just fine.  ;)

With no obligation to register:

Just enter your name and primary email in the box on the right on this webpage and you’ll receive more info, like prices, dates, content, and we will notify you when the info comes available.

Oh, and remember, the training that is coming is very thorough and in-depth and perfect for beginners, but it also comes in layers, so there are so many gems for professional and veteran hypnotists as well.  

What are you waiting for?  Do it now!

See you on the other side.  

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Stage Hypnosis Training Online

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Curious volunteers have the experience of their lives as they find themselves surrendering to the sound of Marc's voice; doing, seeing and saying the most out-of-control things in the #1 comedy hypnosis show in Las Vegas.


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